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  1. ETEXTBOOK - Finance: Applications and Theory: Marcia Millon Cornett, Troy Adair, John Nofsinger 1 item
    This is the core text for this module, and access to it has been provided to every student via Study Direct:
  2. Secondary readings 2 items
  3. Texts covering similar material at a similar level 2 items
    1. Financial markets and institutions - Frederic S. Mishkin, Stanley G. Eakins 2014

      Book Optional

    2. Corporate finance: theory and practice - Stephen Lumby, C. M. Jones 2015

      Book Optional

  4. A simple text (less math, more words) for reading rapidly and gaining a quick overview of some topics 1 item
  5. A source of background knowledge and the human story behind recent financial theory 1 item
    1. Capital ideas: the improbable origins of modern Wall Street - Peter L. Bernstein 2005

      Book Optional For print copy, see below

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