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Name Code Type
Academic and Research Skills MACYS 883X4SW Module
Assessment of Specialist Practice-POF-M 873L5 Module
ASYE 902L5 Module
Communicating - Children Complex Circ 903L5 Module
Contemporary Debates In Social Policy X3342C Module
Contemporary Debates in Social Policy: Theory and Practice X3342 Module
Contexts of Social Work L5088 Module
Cradle to the Grave 8700F Module
Critical Inquiry into the Prof Role 884L5A Module
Critical Reflection on Prof Learning 9600A Module
Critical Reflection on Professional Learning 9600S Module
Current Developments in Childhood and Youth Policy and Practice 894L5 Module
Developing Pro Practice in Child Service 904L5 Module
Dissertation 896L5 Module
Doctor of Social Work L5001R Module
Effective Communication 899L7 Module
EWBL & A - M Level, Summer Start 891L5 Module
EWBL Specialist - Aut 898L5A Module
Exploring Death and Dying X4800E Module
Higher Specialist EWBL&A 879L5 Module
Higher Specialist EWBL&A - Spring 879L5S Module
Human Development and Social Relationships 859L5 Module
Human Growth and Development L5089 Module
Human Rights Abuses Against C&YP 9700A Module
Improving experiences and outcomes 897L5 Module
Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Perspectives on Wellbeing Research 700L3 Module
Introduction to Childhood and Youth Studies 893L5 Module
Introduction to Professional Learning and Development - Part One L5087 Module
Introduction to Professional Learning and Development - Part Two L5090 Module
Law and Social Policy 858L5 Module
Law for Social Work L5092 Module
Level 2 Practice Learning L5095 Module
Migrant and Refugee Well-Being X3242 Module
Migration and Wellbeing 700L5 Module
Observing, communicating & engaging with children & young people 904L6 Module
OIP 500L5 Module
Partnership and Inter-prof Pract 860L5 Module
Partnership and Interprofessional Practi L5015 Module
Policy and Practice in Wellbeing 700L2 Module
Practice Education Stage 1 899L5 Module
Practice Education Stage 2 899L6 Module
Practice Learning A L5068A Module
Practitioner Research 886L5 Module
Research Methods L5021 Module
Research Methods (BA Social Work) L5097 Module
Research Methods (MA CY&S) 895L5 Module
Research Methods and Dissertation 877L5 Module
Research Minded Project L5023 Module
Researching Wellbeing 700L4 Module
Risk and Decision Making 881L5 Module
Risk and Decision Making: Challenges for Children's Services Management and Practice. London 882L5 Module
SARR 501L5 Module
Situating Social Work 865L5 Module
Social Work Practice 1 863L5 Module
Social Work Practice 2 867L5 Module
Social Work with Adults L5093 Module
Social Work with Children, Young People L5094 Module
Supervision and Eval of Prof Learning 876L5 Module
Theories of Wellbeing 700L1 Module
Theory, Methods and Values in Practice 1 861L5 Module
Theory, Methods and Values in Practice 2 866L5 Module
Understanding OMIP L5096 Module
Values, Ethics and Theories L5091 Module

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