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Name Code Type
Action Research 510X8 Module
Comparative Method 525X8 Module
Discourse Analysis 519X8 Module
Dissertation (Msc Social Research Methods) 572X8 Module
Ethnographic Methods of Data Collection 507X8B Module
Evidence for Policy and Practice: A Critical Stance 529X8 Module
Introduction to Qualitative Methods 513X8 Module
Introduction to Quantitative Methods 532X8 Module
Participatory Res in Cross-Cultural Cont 522X8 Module
Philosophy of Science and Social Science 500X8 Module
Policy and programme evaluation research 511X8 Module
Research Design and Ethics 502X8 Module
Research, Professions and Power 568X8 Module
Researching Childhood and Youth 585X8 Module
Self, Voice & Creativity in Research Writing 533X8 Module
Socio-legal Research Methods 573X8 Module

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