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Name Code Type
10 Week Pre-Sessional English X1616 Module
5 Week Pre-Sessional English X1617 Module
Academic Development Workshops ACADEV Module
Advanced Practical Teaching 004X5B Module
Advanced Teaching Methodology X1612 Module
Arabic Ab Initio A T6001 Module
Arabic Ab Initio B T6002 Module
Arabic Advanced A T6003 Module
Arabic Advanced B T6004 Module
Arabic Intermediate A T6005 Module
Arabic Intermediate B T6006 Module
British Sign Language and Deaf Culture 1 T5002 Module
British Sign Language and Deaf Culture 2 T5003 Module
British Sign Language and Deaf Culture 3 T5004 Module
British Sign Language and Deaf Culture 4 T5005 Module
British Sign Language and Deaf Culture 5 T5006 Module
British Sign Language and Deaf Culture 6 T5007 Module
Business Communication Skills Q1132 Module
Chinese Ab Initio A T3000 Module
Chinese Ab Initio B T3001 Module
Chinese Advanced A T1001 Module
Chinese Advanced B T1002 Module
Chinese Intermediate A T3002 Module
Chinese Intermediate B T3003 Module
Cultural Encounters Q1065 Module
EAP - Advanced Q1128 Module
EAP - Advanced Q1128B Module
EBPP Intermediate A Q1106 Module
EBPP Intermediate B Q1107 Module
EBPP Post-Intermediate Q1109 Module
EBPP Post-Intermediate Q1108 Module
ELCS - Advanced Q1129 Module
ELCS Intermediate Q1113 Module
ELCS Intermediate Q1114 Module
ELCS Post Intermediate Q1111 Module
ELCS Post Intermediate Q1110 Module
ELT 1A Q1115 Module
ELT 1B Q1116 Module
ELT 2A Q1117 Module
ELT 2B Q1118 Module
ELT Dissertation (30 credits) 009X5B Module
ELT Management 008X5B Module
English as an International Language X1620 Module
English for Business and Professional Purposes Intermediate Q1105 Module
English for Legal Purposes ELP Module
English Language Accuracy and Academic Practice (ELAAP (A)) Q1130 Module
English Language Accuracy and Academic Practice (ELAAP (S)) Q1131S Module
English Language Accuracy and Academic Practice (Intermediate) Q1134 Module
English Language Teaching Dissertation 009X5 Module
Europe 1900-45 Q1054 Module
Europe 1945-date R9011 Module
France 1900-45 Q1058 Module
France 1945-date R9012 Module
French 1A R1112 Module
French 1B R1113 Module
French 2A R1005 Module
French 2B R1081 Module
French 3A R1129 Module
French 3B R1131 Module
French Ab Initio A R1116 Module
French Ab Initio B R1117 Module
French Advanced A R1133 Module
French Advanced B R1134 Module
French F-B-A R1110 Module
French F-B-B R1111 Module
French For Professional Purposes 1A R1135 Module
French For Professional Purposes 1B R1136 Module
French for Professional Purposes 2A R1137 Module
French for Professional Purposes 2B R1138 Module
French Intermediate A R1118 Module
French Intermediate A Year 1 R1118B Module
French Intermediate B R1001 Module
French Intermediate B Year 1 R1001B Module
French Post-Int-B R1080 Module
French Special 1 R1130 Module
French Special 2 R1132 Module
Genres in European Literature R9033 Module
German 2A R2054 Module
German 2B R2055 Module
German 3B R2058 Module
German Ab Initio A R2047 Module
German Ab Initio B R2048 Module
German Advanced A R2060 Module
German Advanced B R2061 Module
German Intermediate A R2050 Module
German Intermediate B R2051 Module
German Post-Int-A R2052 Module
German Post-Int-B R2053 Module
Germany 1945-date R9005 Module
Intensive English Advanced Q1120 Module
Intensive English Advanced Q1119 Module
Intensive English Advanced Q1120B Module
Intensive English Intermediate Q1122 Module
Intensive English Intermediate Q1122B Module
Intensive English Intermediate Q1121 Module
Intensive English Post-Intermediate Q1124 Module
Intensive English Post-Intermediate Q1123 Module
Intensive English Post-Intermediate Q1124B Module
Intensive English Pre-Intermediate Q1126B Module
Intensive English Pre-Intermediate Q1125 Module
Intensive English Pre-Intermediate Q1126 Module
Inter-Cultural Encounters Q1065B Module
Intercultural Business Communication Q1133 Module
Introduction to British Sign Language A T5001A Module
Introduction to British Sign Language S T5001S Module
Introduction to English Language Teaching and Learning X1614 Module
Italian 1A R3042 Module
Italian 1B R3043 Module
Italian 2A R3049 Module
Italian 2B R3054 Module
Italian 3A R3055 Module
Italian 3B R3057 Module
Italian Ab Initio A R3047 Module
Italian Ab Initio B R3046 Module
Italian Advanced A R3060 Module
Italian Advanced B R3061 Module
Italian Intensive A R3040 Module
Italian Intensive B R3041 Module
Italian Intermediate A R3048 Module
Italian Intermediate B R3052 Module
Italian Post-Int-A R1079 Module
Italian Post-Int-B R3053 Module
Italian Special R3056 Module
Italy 1900-1945 Q1060 Module
Italy 1945-date R9025 Module
Japanese Ab Initio A T2000 Module
Japanese Ab Initio B T2001 Module
Japanese Advanced A T2004 Module
Japanese Advanced B T2005 Module
Japanese Intermediate A T2002 Module
Japanese Intermediate B T2003 Module
Language Accuracy and Academic Practice LAAPT2 Module
Language Analysis 001X5 Module
Language and Nation R9028 Module
PM EAP X1619 Module
Practical Teaching 005X5B Module
Principles & Practice in ELT 002X5 Module
Research Methods in ELT 012X5 Module
Research Project (ELT) X1611 Module
Second Language 003X5 Module
Second Language Acquisition X1600 Module
Second Language Acquisition X1621 Module
Spain 1900-1945 Q1061 Module
Spain 1945-date R9021 Module
Spanish 1A R4007 Module
Spanish 1B R4008 Module
Spanish 2A R4017 Module
Spanish 2B R4021 Module
Spanish 3A R4026 Module
Spanish 3B R4030 Module
Spanish Ab Initio A R4011 Module
Spanish Ab Initio B R4012 Module
Spanish Advanced A R4031 Module
Spanish Advanced B R4032 Module
Spanish for Professional Purposes 1A R4033 Module
Spanish for Professional Purposes 1B R4034 Module
Spanish Intensive A R4006 Module
Spanish Intensive B R4005 Module
Spanish Intermediate A R4016 Module
Spanish Intermediate A Year 1 R4016B Module
Spanish Intermediate B R4015 Module
Spanish Intermediate B Year 1 R4015B Module
Spanish post Ab initio R4040 Module
Spanish Post-Intensive A R1083 Module
Spanish Post-Intensive B R4020 Module
Spanish Special 1 R4027 Module
Spanish Special 2 R4028 Module
Teaching Young Learners 007X5B Module
TEAP 013X5 Module
Themes B R9034 Module
Themes in European Theatre and Cinema A R9032 Module
World Englishes 011X5 Module
Year Abroad - Modern Languages YRABROAD3 Module

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