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Name Code Type
Abnormal and Clinical Psychology (Master 926C8 Module
Advanced Research Methods in Psychology 300C8 Module
Advanced Research Methods in Psychology II 302C8 Module
Altruism and Helping Behaviour C8014 Module
Animal Vocal Communication C8600 Module
Applications of Social Psychology 921C8 Module
Applied Psychology C8101 Module
Applied Social Psychology Research Process 936C8 Module
Behavioural & Cog. Theories of Addiction 947C8 Module
Behavioural Genetics C8896 Module
Biological Bases of Mental Disorders C8504 Module
Brain and Behaviour C8518 Module
Brain and Behaviour (Masters) 922C8 Module
CBT for Anxiety 1 401C8 Module
CBT for Anxiety 2 402C8 Module
CBT for Anxiety Disorders (Complex Difficulties) 400C8 Module
CBT for Children and Adolescents 1 983C8 Module
CBT for Children and Adolescents 2 982C8 Module
CBT for Depression (Complex Difficulties) 403C8 Module
CBT for Depression 2 405C8 Module
CBT for Personality Disorder (Complex Difficulties) 407C8 Module
CBT for Psychosis (Advanced) 984C8 Module
CBT for Psychosis (Complex Difficulties) 408C8 Module
CBT Supervised Practice 907C8 Module
Clinical Psychology C8002 Module
Clinical Psychology and Mental Health C8512 Module
Clinical Psychology and Mental Health C8512P Module
Clinical Psychology in Action 914C8 Module
Clinical Skills: Practitioner and Lived Experience Perspectives 919C8 Module
Cognition in Clinical Contexts C8508 Module
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Informed Interventions for CYP 998C8 Module
Cognitive Neuroscience C8517 Module
Cognitive Neuroscience (Masters) 901C8 Module
Cognitive psychology C8551 Module
Cognitive Psychology 809C8 Module
Communication and Health Promotion 958C8 Module
Conscious and Unconscious Mental Process C8828 Module
Contemporary Issues in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health 912C8 Module
Contemporary Issues in Psychology C8846 Module
Developmental Models, Psychopathology and Healthcare legislation in CYP 995C8 Module
Developmental Psychology C8546 Module
Developmental Psychology (Masters) 928C8 Module
Discovering Statistics C8552 Module
Discovering Statistics 500C8 Module
Drug Addiction and its Treatment 918C8 Module
Drugs, Brain and Behaviour C8528 Module
Economic & Consumer Psychology C8021 Module
Empirical Project C8824 Module
Ethics, Philosophy and Methods 301C8 Module
Foundations in Psychology: Health & Clinical C8501 Module
Foundations in Psychology: Organisational C8502 Module
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging 954C8 Module
Fundamentals of CBT 406C8 Module
Health Psychology C8017 Module
Health Psychology Applications 920C8 Module
Health, Psychology and Social Context 955C8 Module
How Children Learn to Communicate C8823 Module
Individuals and Groups C8510 Module
Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology C8554 Module
Introduction to Social, Clinical and Dev Psych C8555 Module
Linear Models in Statistics 976C8 Module
Longitudinal Data Analysis 988C8 Module
Neuroscience of Consciousness 993C8 Module
Organisational Psychology C8041 Module
Perspectives on Psychology C8840 Module
Positive Psychology C8892 Module
Positive Psychology C8892VE Module
Professional Placement Year (Type B) C8901 Module
Psychobiology C8003 Module
Psychological Perspectives on Self and Identity C8027 Module
Psychology in Education C8042 Module
Psychology of Appetite C8839 Module
Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence C8813 Module
Psychology of Collective Action C8817 Module
Psychology of Forensic Analysis C8553P Module
Recovery, Collaboration and Partnership in Clinical Practice 991C8 Module
Research Dissertation 935C8 Module
Research Internship 973C8 Module
Research Internship for Washington Uni C8890 Module
Research Methods in Clinical Psychology 916C8 Module
Research Skills in Psychology C8511 Module
Research Skills in Psychology 2 C8891 Module
Sensory and Motor Functions C8835 Module
Social Cognitive Development C8045 Module
Social Neuroscience 994C8 Module
Social Psy of Consumer Behaviour 932C8 Module
Social Psychology C8035 Module
Social Psychology (Masters) 966C8 Module
Social Psychology of Prejudice: Postgrad 971C8 Module
Social Research Methods in Psychology C8300 Module
Social Research Methods in Psychology (Masters) 303C8 Module
Stage 1 Elective Autumn EPSY11 Module
Stage 1 Elective Spring EPSY12 Module
Stage 2 Elective Autumn EPSY21 Module
Stage 2 Elective Spring EPSY22 Module
Stage 3/4 Elective Autumn EPSY31 Module
Stage 3/4 Elective Spring EPSY32 Module
Structural Equation Modelling 975C8 Module
The Psychology of Exercise and Wellbeing C8849 Module
The Psychology of Inequality C8898VE Module
The Psychology of Inequality: From Poverty to Power C8898 Module
The Research Experience C8015 Module
The Research Experience C8016 Module
Therapeutic Engagement, Assessment and Intervention with CYP 997C8 Module
Therapeutic Tools for the Practitioner 992C8 Module
Treatment Models and their Evaluation 913C8 Module
Understanding the Fundamentals of Mental Health Care 989C8 Module
Ways of Understanding Mental Health 990C8 Module

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