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Name Code Type
British Political History L2010 Module
British Political History L2010E Module
Comparative Governance 821M9 Module
Conservatives & Conservatism M1543 Module
Contemporary Issues Politics M1050 Module
Contemporary Political Theory M1536 Module
Contemporary Public Policy L2052 Module
Corruption and Governance Dissertation 931M9 Module
Dissertation European Politics 960M9 Module
Dissertation CES 819M9 Module
EU Politics and Policy R9004 Module
Europe and International Migration R9003 Module
European Political Economy EU110 Module
European Politics L2051 Module
European Union Justice and Home Affairs 962M9 Module
Explanatory Concepts in Political Scienc M1038 Module
Far Right and the Politics of Immigration M1545 Module
Foreign Policy Analysis L2098 Module
Foundations of Politics M1036 Module
Immigration and the Liberal State L2097 Module
Independent Study/Internship Option L2021 Module
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Analysing Corruption 958M9 Module
International Politics 822M9 Module
International Politics M1544 Module
Internship 938M9 Module
Introduction to the European Union L2080 Module
Introduction to the European Union L2081 Module
Making of Modern Europe R9000 Module
Making of Modern Europe I R9001E Module
Making of Modern Europe II R9017E Module
Modern Political Thought L2031 Module
Photography and Politics L2078 Module
Pol Change: Democracy in Spain M1039 Module
Pol Change: Euro Union as Global Actor M1541 Module
Political & Social Change in Cont Europe L2091 Module
Political Change: Eastern Europe in Transition L2017 Module
Political Change: India L2095 Module
Political Change: Politics and International Business L2001 Module
Political Change: Post War European Integration M1049 Module
Political Change: State Building and State Failure M1547 Module
Political Change: The Thatcher Years L2033 Module
Political Corruption L2046 Module
Political Economy of EU Integration 814M9 Module
Political Parties and Party Systems L2034 Module
Politics and Government in India 832M9 Module
Politics and Industry M1025 Module
Politics and Public Policy in Europe 957M9 Module
Politics of Governance: East Asia L2094 Module
Politics of Governance: Eastern Europe L2037 Module
Politics of Governance: European Union L2038 Module
Politics of Governance: France L2049 Module
Politics of Governance: Germany L2039 Module
Politics of Governance: India L2093 Module
Politics of Governance: USA L2041 Module
Politics of Governance: USA L2041D Module
Politics of Race and Ethnicity M1534 Module
Politics of Regulation 817M9 Module
Populism and Politics M1535 Module
Progress and Decline L2096 Module
Regulatory Politics L2136 Module
Research in Progress Seminar RIPS Module
Research Methods and Approaches 828M9 Module
Research Methods in Corruption 959M9 Module
Research Skills & Methods in Political Science M1045 Module
State Capacity and Natural Resources 813M9 Module
Tackling Corruption 956M9 Module
Tackling Corruption: Method & Mechanisms 812M9 Module
Territorial Politics in Europe 831M9 Module
The Death of Socialism? L2137 Module
The International Relations of the European Union 934M9 Module
The Making of Contemporary Europe 801M9 Module
The Making of Contemporary Europe 800M9 Module
The Politics of Eastern Europe in Transition 935M9 Module
The Politics of Governance: International Institutions & Issues L2134 Module
The Politics of Immigration 980M9 Module
Transformation of Contemporary Europe L2092 Module
Transformation of Contemporary Europe I R9007 Module
Transformation of Contemporary Europe II R9008 Module

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