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Name Code Type
Access to Land M3101 Module
Alternative Dispute Resolution M3122 Module
Alternative Dispute Resolution 952M3 Module
Anti-Corruption Law and Practice M3037 Module
Approaches to International Law 709M3 Module
Aspects of Intellectual Property Law 821M3 Module
Canadian Constitutional Law M3478 Module
Canadian Constitutional Law M3078 Module
Carriage by Air 888M3 Module
Carriage of Goods by Sea 815M3 Module
Climate Change Law and Policy 924M3 Module
Clinical Legal Education M3033 Module
Commercial Law M3001 Module
Commercial Law (V&E) M3001VE Module
Company Law M3004 Module
Company Law (V&E) M3004VE Module
Comparative Law M3071 Module
Competition Law of the European Union M3074 Module
Contemporary Issues in Law M4004 Module
Corp Finance & Insolvency M3072 Module
Corruption and the Law 954M3 Module
Corruption and the Law 922M3 Module
Crime and Criminal Justice M4003 Module
Criminal Law M3007 Module
Criminal Law (GDL) M3064 Module
Criminal Law (LLB Graduate Entry) M3075 Module
Criminal Law (V&E) M3007VE Module
Criminology M3022 Module
Criminology (V&E) M3022VE Module
Critical Approaches to Information Law 830M3 Module
Culture and Identity Rights 923M3 Module
Cyber Law 951M3 Module
Cyberlaw 893M3 Module
Dissertation M3013 Module
Dissertation M3080 Module
Dissertation (CL and CJ) 914M3 Module
Dissertation (GDL) M3068 Module
Dissertation (Int Com Law) 976M9 Module
Dissertation (Int Criminal Law) 826M3 Module
Dissertation (International Law) 890M3 Module
Dissertation (IT and IP Law) 962M3 Module
Dissertation (LLM) 839M3 Module
Dissertation(International Human Rights) 961M3 Module
Doctrinal versus Socio-Legal Research 579X8 Module
ECHR in Context 820M9 Module
Employment Law M3012 Module
Employment Law (V&E) M3012VE Module
English Legal System M3036 Module
Environmental Law M3102 Module
Environmental Law and Governance: Rights and Regulation 854M3 Module
Environmental Law in Action 842M3 Module
Environmental Problems and Environmental Law 921M3 Module
Equity and Trusts M3027 Module
Equity and Trusts (GDL) M3066 Module
EU Single Market Law 828M3 Module
Family Law M3008 Module
Family Law (V&E) M3008VE Module
Feminism, Law & Society 974M9 Module
Gender Equality M4101 Module
Global Business Law and Regulation M3116 Module
Hate Crime and Sexual Violence 912M3 Module
Hate Crime and the Law M3103 Module
Healthcare Law and Ethics M3024 Module
Healthcare Law and Ethics (V&E) M3024VE Module
Human Rights M3057 Module
Human Rights (V&E) M3057VE Module
Human Rights and Migration 871M3 Module
Int & Comp Corp Insolvency 818M3 Module
Int Trade: Issues and Challenges 878M3 Module
Intellectual Property Law M3076 Module
Intellectual Property Law (V&E) M3076VE Module
International & Comparative Company Law 819M3 Module
International and Transnational Offending 803M3 Module
International Business Transactions M3110 Module
International Commercial Arbitration 801M6 Module
International Crimes 801M3 Module
International Environmental Law 928M3 Module
International Family Law M3123 Module
International Financial and Securities Litigation 918M3 Module
International Human Rights Law 809M3 Module
International Investment Law 935M3 Module
International Law: Rights and Responsibilities 887M3 Module
International Litigation M3055 Module
Internet Law and Regulation M3111 Module
Intl and Comparative Family Law 863M3 Module
Intro to English Legal System M3070 Module
Issues in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice 910M3 Module
Journalism Ethics and the Law V3057A Module
Justice, Equality and Society M4002HR Module
Justice, Equality and Society M3038 Module
Justice, Equality and Society M4002 Module
Land Law M3026 Module
Land Law (GDL) M3065 Module
Land, Property and Environment M3124 Module
Law and Development M3043 Module
Law and Development M3112 Module
Law and Policy EU (GDL) M3067 Module
Law and Policy of the European Union M3431 Module
Law and Policy of the European Union (Advanced) M3031 Module
Law of Armed Conflict 861M3 Module
Law of Contract M3003 Module
Law of Contract M3403 Module
Law of Contract (GDL) M3063 Module
Law of Contract (V&E) M3003VE Module
Law of Evidence M3025 Module
Law of Succession M3020 Module
Law of Tort M3402 Module
Law of Tort M3002 Module
Law of Tort (GDL) M3061 Module
Law of Tort (V&E) M3002VE Module
Law, Gender and Sexuality M3017 Module
Law, Gender and Sexuality M3015 Module
Law, Security and the Global Public Good 906M3 Module
Legal Regulation of Intl Trade 870M3 Module
Legal Theory M3115 Module
Media Law and Regulation M3104 Module
Migration, Rights and Governance 953M3 Module
Minority Groups & Human Rights 877M3 Module
Personal Property Law M3009 Module
Principles of Islamic Law M3121 Module
Problems in Personal Property Law M3010 Module
Professional Liability M3014 Module
Public International Law M3045 Module
Public International Law (V&E) M3045VE Module
Public Law (GDL) M3062 Module
Public Law 1 PUBLICLAW1 Module
Public Law 1 M3406 Module
Public Law I: Constitutional and Administrative Law (Advanced) M3006 Module
Public Law II M3077 Module
Public Law II: Power, the Individual and the State M3477 Module
Public Procurement Laws in the International System 938M3 Module
Qualitative Comparative Analysis 580X8 Module
Restorative Justice 913M3 Module
Self-Development & Legal Education M3079 Module
Short Dissertation A M3106 Module
Short Dissertation B M3113 Module
Sociology of Law M3073 Module
Sports Law M3029 Module
Stage 1 Elective Autumn ELAW11 Module
Stage 1 Elective Spring ELAW12 Module
Stage 2 Elective Autumn ELAW21 Module
Stage 2 Elective Spring ELAW22 Module
Stage 3/4 Elective Autumn ELAW31 Module
Stage 3/4 Elective Spring ELAW33 Module
The Ethics and Conduct of Lawyers M3107 Module
The Law of Financial Derivatives and Structured Products 934M3 Module
The Law on Financial Crime 939M3 Module
The Legal Regulation of Sexual Relationships M3032 Module
The Nature & Institution of Int Crim Law 881M3 Module
Transitional Justice 927M3 Module
Transnational Commercial Law 975M9 Module
Transnational Commercial Litigation M3125 Module
Understanding Corruption, Law and Governance 707M3 Module
Understanding Criminal Law and Criminal Justice 909M3 Module
Understanding Law M4001 Module
Understanding Law, Politics and Sociology LPS01 Module
War, Terror, Violence and Int Law 907M3 Module
Women and Human Rights 873M3 Module
WTO, IP and Technology 926M3 Module
Year Abroad - LLB Law with Study Abroad YAB05 Module
Youth Justice 903M3 Module

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