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"Gender, War and Empire in the 20th Century! V1453 Module
1789: The Fall of Bastille V1325 Module
1796: the Mass Produced Image V1448 Module
1838: The Coronation of Queen Victoria V1368 Module
1851: Science, Empire & Exhibitionism V1373 Module
1930: Indian Civil Disobedience V1329 Module
1938: Kristallnacht V1330 Module
1942: Holocaust V1331 Module
1948:The Founding of Israel V1449 Module
1973: Email and the Making of the WWW V1450 Module
1994: The New South Africa V1334 Module
9/11: A History of a German Day V1414 Module
America in the Twentieth Century V1408 Module
American Civil War V1402 Module
American History 1776-1877 V1406 Module
American South V1407 Module
Arab Nationalisms 1900-2011 V1419 Module
Britain and the Second World War V1346 Module
Britain in the 19th Century V1410 Module
Britain in the 20th Century V1321 Module
Capitalism & Ethnicity V1409 Module
Childhood in 19th and 20th Century Britain V1457 Module
Civil War in Historical Memory V1400 Module
Concentration Camp and History V1405 Module
Consumption and History V1280 Module
Demagogues and Dictators V1434 Module
Democracy and Human Rights 915V1 Module
Democracy and Liberalism in France V1366 Module
Dissertation 822V1 Module
Dissertation 845V1 Module
Dissertation 876V1 Module
Dissertation 505V3 Module
Dissertation 899V1 Module
Early Modern and Modern Republicanism 848V1B Module
Empire, Nation, State in the 20th Centur 834V1 Module
Empires and Images V1341 Module
End of Empire: British Raj in India V1353 Module
England in the 16th Century V1454 Module
Europe in the 20th Century V1319 Module
European Experience of WWI V1403 Module
Fascisms V1342 Module
From Zionism to Post-Zionism V1445 Module
Global Brighton V1379 Module
Global History 1500-2000 V1376 Module
Global History 1500-2000 V1412 Module
Historical Controversy V1272 Module
Historical Controversy V1272E Module
Historical Controversy II V1272B Module
Historical Controversy II V1411 Module
Historical Methods and Historiography 868V1 Module
Historical Skills and Methods : Doing a Research Project 833V1 Module
History Recommended Elective Group - Autumn level 1 HIS001 Module
History Recommended Elective Group - Autumn level 2 HIS003 Module
History Recommended Elective Group - Spring/Summer level 1 HIS002 Module
History Recommended Elective Group - Spring/Summer level 2 HIS004 Module
History Special Dissertation V1363 Module
History Special Subject: Digital London V1435 Module
History Thematic Course: The Sixties V1344 Module
Ideas in History V1413 Module
Ideas in History V1375 Module
Imported Mark IMP06 Module
Intellectual & Cultural History Recommended Elective Group - Autumn level 1 INT001 Module
Intellectual & Cultural History Recommended Elective Group - Autumn level 2 INT003 Module
Intellectual & Cultural History Recommended Elective Group - Spring/Summer level 1 INT002 Module
Intellectual & Cultural History Recommended Elective Group - Spring/Summer level 2 INT004 Module
Intellectual History 1 847V1A Module
Intellectual History 3: Scientific Ideas 849V1A Module
Intellectual History 3: Scientific Ideas 849V1B Module
Ireland V1415 Module
Jews, Power and Intellectual History 830V1 Module
Literature, Politics and Rel in Europe 825V1 Module
Making and Unmaking Britain 853V1A Module
Making History V1000 Module
May 1968: Impacts, Interpretations V1351 Module
Modern European Jewish Hist Dissertation 842V8 Module
Modern European Jewish History and Cultures 839V8 Module
Modern European Jewish Literature 841V1 Module
Modernism V1352 Module
Nature and History V1336 Module
New Diplomatic History V1452 Module
Palestine in Transition V1424 Module
Past and Present: Resistance and History V1430 Module
Past and Present: The Social Network and History V1451 Module
Post-Punk Britain 1975- present V1420 Module
Power and Culture in Early Modern France 856V1B Module
Race and Human Difference V1343 Module
Reading, Writing, Text 898V1 Module
Reforming Islam V1423 Module
Religion and Culture in the Middle East V1421 Module
Religion and Culture in the Middle East and North Africa 1700-2000 V1421E Module
Religion and Enlightenment 914V1 Module
Religion in Contemporary History 918V1 Module
Resistance and the Archive 919V1 Module
Revolution and History V1337 Module
Skills and Methods in Loc & Reg Hist 500V3 Module
Skills and Methods in Loc & Reg History 502V3 Module
Soc & Cult in the South East 1520-1780 501V3 Module
South Africa's Segregationist Century V1355 Module
South Asia Since 1880 V1322 Module
Special Subject: Domesticity and its Discontents: Women in Post-War Britain V1348 Module
Special Subject: Gone with the Wind? V1400D Module
Special Subject: Religion and the Emergence of Modern Science, 1620-1880 V1401 Module
Stage 1 Elective Autumn EHIS11 Module
Stage 1 Elective Spring EHIS12 Module
Stage 2 Elective Autumn EHIS21 Module
Stage 2 Elective Spring EHIS22 Module
Test LIst 2 L1234 Module
The Age of Democratic Revolution V1360 Module
The Atlantic and History V1374 Module
The Century of the Gene V1370 Module
The Civil Rights Movement V1378 Module
The Civil Rights Movement V1378D Module
The Cold War: Politics and Culture V1356 Module
The Early Modern World V1227 Module
The Enlightenment V1345 Module
The Environment, Human Activity, & End V1357 Module
The Falklands War 854V1B Module
The Falklands War 854V1 Module
The Historiography of Intell History 826V1 Module
The History of Now V1367 Module
The Making of the Modern World V1228 Module
The Middle East & N Africa since 1908 V4122 Module
The Middle East and N Africa since 1908 V1416 Module
The People's Century: Britain 1900-2000 905V1A Module
The Rise of China V1441 Module
The U.S. in the Middle East V1438 Module
Time and Place 1937: Mass Observation V1442 Module
Time and Place 2008: The Spectacle of the Beijing Olympics V1429 Module
Time and Place: 1642: English Civil War V1323 Module
Time and Place: 1861: The Coming of the American Civil War V1425 Module
Time and Place: 1926: The General Strike V1372 Module
Time and Place: 1984: Thatcher's Britain V1333 Module
Toleration and Persecution 913V1B Module
Violence in Contemporary History 920V1 Module
War and Empire 916V1 Module
War and the Intellectuals in Twentieth-Century America V1443 Module

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