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"Blackness, Innocence, Modernity" 952Q3B Module
"Blackness, Innocence, Modernity" Q3275 Module
"Blackness, Innocence, Modernity" 952Q3A Module
About the Young Idea: Adolescence in 20th Century Literature and Culture Q3201 Module
American Humour Q3170 Module
American Identities Q3176 Module
American Identities Q3254E Module
American Literature Since 1890: Part I Q3171DM Module
American Literature Since 1890: Part I Q3171 Module
American Literature Since 1890: Part II Q3172 Module
American Literature Since 1890: Part II Q3172DM Module
American Literature to 1890: Part I Q3169 Module
American Literature to 1890: Part II Q3168 Module
American Poetry after Modernism 807Q4B Module
American Poetry after Modernism: Retreat? Redirection? Rediscovery? 807Q4A Module
Approaches to Contemporary Performance Q3107 Module
Approaches to Discourse Q1082 Module
Approaches to Grammar Q1074 Module
Approaches to Meaning Q1029 Module
Approaches to Meaning in English Q3030 Module
Approaches to Pronunciation Q1073 Module
Approaching Drama and Film Q3278F Module
Bearing Witness: Terror and Trauma in Global Literature 947Q3A Module
British Writing: 1945-1970 Q3165 Module
Child Language Acquisition Q1079 Module
Comedy Q3253E Module
Contemporary Stylistics: The Discourse of Film and Drama Q3152 Module
Contemporary Writing 883Q3 Module
Corpus and Discourse 950Q3A Module
Corpus and Discourse 950Q3B Module
Creative & Critical Writing Dissertation 895Q3 Module
Creativity and Utopia 894Q3B Module
Critical Approaches 1 Q3120 Module
Critical Approaches 2 Q3123 Module
Critical Issues in Queer Theory 920Q3A Module
Critical Theory and Performance Q3260 Module
Culture and Intellect in the 19 Century 882Q3B Module
Culture and Pornography: Literature, Art, Power and Sexual Politics Q3141 Module
Deconstruction and Creative Writing 887Q3B Module
Derrida 809Q3A Module
Discourse and Communication Analysis 806Q1 Module
Discourse of Social and Personal Identity Q3151 Module
Dissertation (Applied Linguistics) 809Q1 Module
Dissertation (English MA progs) 848Q3 Module
Documentary America Q3142 Module
Documentary America: Non-Fiction Writing Q3142D2 Module
Early Modern Drama & Contemp Theatre Q3091 Module
Early Modern Lit & Culture Dissertation 822V4 Module
English Language Stage 1 Elective (Autumn) EELA11 Module
English Language Stage 1 Elective (Spring) EELA12 Module
English Language Stage 2 Elective (Autumn) EELA21 Module
English Language Stage 2 Elective (Spring) EELA22 Module
English Research Colloquium Q3149 Module
English Stage 1 Elective (Autumn) EENG11 Module
English Stage 1 Elective (Spring) EENG12 Module
English Stage 2 Elective (Autumn) EENG21 Module
English Stage 2 Elective (Spring) EENG22 Module
English Studies Autumn options ENGSTUD1 Module
English Studies MA Dissertation 933Q3 Module
English Studies Spring options ENGSTUD2 Module
Experimental Writing Q3199 Module
Final Year Performance Project Q3109 Module
First Language Acquisition 805Q1B Module
For Love: Taste, Evaluation, and Aesthetics in Criticism and Culture Q3266 Module
Forensic Linguistics Q1085 Module
Foundations of Grammar Q1075 Module
Gender, Culture and Politics: Feminist Theory in Context Q3203 Module
Gendering the Postcolonial 859Q3B Module
Global Subjects Q3143 Module
Great Ideas about Language Q1084 Module
History of English I Q1077 Module
History of English II Q1080 Module
Humans and animals Q3268 Module
Idea of the Renaissance 812V4B Module
Image and Text 1780-1880 833Q3B Module
ImagiNation: The Great American Novel 825Q4B Module
Immigrant America Q3175 Module
International Modernisms 943Q3B Module
Interpretation, Theory and Research Methods in Literary Study 946Q3 Module
Investigating Language in Context Q1076 Module
Irish Writing after Joyce Q3047 Module
IRP: Dissertation Q3263 Module
IRP: Practical Q3264 Module
IRP: Professional Work Experience Q3265 Module
Islam, Literature and the 'West' Q3024 Module
Issues and Perspectives Q3262 Module
Language and Culture in Intercultural Communication 949Q3B Module
Language and Gender Q3158 Module
Language in the United States Q1087D Module
Language in the United States Q1087 Module
Language Variation 820Q1 Module
Language, Description and Analysis 819Q1 Module
Language, Mind and Brain Q3159 Module
Language, Mind and Brain Q1202E Module
Languages of Racisms Q3129 Module
Late Modernist Poetics Q3166 Module
Linguistic Typology Q3157 Module
Lit 1625-1750 (Level 5) Q3133 Module
Lit 1750-1880 (Level 5) Q3135 Module
Literature and Philosophy in the 18th Century Q3269 Module
Literature and Society 939Q3A Module
Literature in the Institution 942Q3B Module
Literature in the Institution: the University and the Study of Culture 942Q3A Module
Literature, Film & visual Culture Dissertation 821P4 Module
Lyric Poetry Q3012 Module
Making Theatre Q3106 Module
Mandatory Year Abroad - English Courses YAB06 Module
Marxism and Creative Writing 913Q3 Module
Modern and Postmodern Drama Q3004 Module
Modern Dialectology Q3162 Module
Modernism 1910-1945 931Q3 Module
Modernism and Childhood Q3267D Module
Modernist and Contemporary Fictions 816Q3B Module
Modernist and Postmodernist Fiction 816Q3A Module
New Configurations Crit Theory 937Q3B Module
New Configurations in Critical Theory 937Q3A Module
On Touch 940Q3A Module
On Touch : Critical Theories, Medieval and Modern 940Q3B Module
Performance: Directing and Composition Q3261 Module
Period of English Literature : 1500-1625 Q3131 Module
Period of English Literature: 1860-1945 Q3137 Module
Phonology Q3163 Module
Pragmatics and Intercultural Pragmatics Q3160B Module
Primitivism Q3188 Module
Problems of Reproduction 951Q3B Module
Problems of Reproduction 951Q3A Module
Psychoanalysis and Creative Writing 888Q3A Module
Psychoanalysis and the Image 817P4B Module
Public Shakespeare 908Q3A Module
Public Shakespeare 908Q3B Module
Queer Literatures Q3186 Module
Race and Colonialism 909Q3B Module
Reading and Staging Theatre Texts Q3258 Module
Reading as a Creative and Critical Writer Q3252E Module
Reading Genre 1 Q3122 Module
Reading Genre 2 Q3125 Module
Reading Literature: Shakespeare to the Present Q3277F Module
Reading Post-Colonial Texts Q3072 Module
Recent American Writing Q3173 Module
Representations of Contemporary Conflict Q3280 Module
Research Dissertation (English Language) Q3155 Module
Research Proposal (Applied Linguistics) 936Q3 Module
Research Proposal (English Language) Q3154 Module
Researching Language in Use 817Q1A Module
Romance Q3272 Module
Scenes of Learning Q3128 Module
Science and Literature Q3279 Module
Semantics Q3161 Module
Sense and Sexuality: Women and Writing in the Eighteenth Century Q3097 Module
Senses of the Self Q3086 Module
Sexual Diff: Women & Writing Q3006 Module
Sexuality and Creative Writing 914Q3B Module
Special Author : James Joyce Q3181 Module
Special Author : Salman Rushdie Q3046 Module
Special Author : Virginia Woolf Q3023 Module
Special Author(s): Emerson and Thoreau Q3193 Module
Special Author(s): Rhys and Kincaid Q3080 Module
Special Author: Alfred Hitchcock Q3180 Module
Special Author: Christopher Marlowe Q3011 Module
Special Author: Coleridge Q3184 Module
Special Author: Dickens Q3003 Module
Special Author: Edgar Allan Poe Q3198 Module
Special Author: Geoffrey Chaucer Q3196 Module
Special Author: George Eliot Q3285 Module
Special Author: Hardy Q3036 Module
Special Author: Henry James Q3139 Module
Special Author: Herman Melville Q3182 Module
Special author: J.M.Coetzee Q3194 Module
Special Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Q3183 Module
Special Author: Samuel Beckett Q3021 Module
Special Author: William Blake Q3197 Module
Spectacular Imaginings Q3202 Module
Staging Text Q3114 Module
Staging the Renaissance : Shakespeare Q3059 Module
Structure of English Q1083 Module
Style: The Necessary Failure 927Q3A Module
Sussex Modernism Q3283 Module
Syntactic Theory Q3153 Module
Technologies of Capture Q3192 Module
Texts in Time 1 Q3121 Module
Texts in Time 2 Q3124 Module
The Age of Adolescence: Reading 20th Century Youth Culture Q3287 Module
The Art of Short Fiction Q3052 Module
The Arts and Literatures of Satire Q3049 Module
The C20th Novel and the 'Supernatural' Q3077 Module
The Fin de Siecle 810Q3B Module
The History of Domesticity 808Q3A Module
The Literatures of Africa Q3079 Module
The Migrant Writer 903Q3B Module
The Novel - Natalia Cecire Q3060 Module
The Novel and History 932Q3A Module
The Politics of Language Q1200E Module
The Renaissance Body 820V4A Module
The Uncanny Q3051 Module
Theatre and Performance Analysis Q3259 Module
Theories of Drama Q3068 Module
Theory in Practice:Theory and Lit 805Q4B Module
Thinking Through Theatre Q3255 Module
Thinking with Images Q3178 Module
Tragedy Q3033 Module
Transatlantic Rhetoric Q3187 Module
Transatlantic Rhetoric Q3187D Module
Translating Cultures Q3150 Module
Twenty-First Century Literature Q3167 Module
Utopias and Dystopias Q3119 Module
Variation in English I: Social variation Q1078 Module
Variation in English II: Regional Variation Q1081 Module
Victorian Things Q3281 Module
Voices in the Archives: Writing from History 944Q3B Module
Writing and the Great War Q3010 Module
Writing for the Theatre Q3026 Module

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